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BiyoArt Business Update


We are early into the year 2003 and an update to both the Uncommon Biyo and website was far overdue. First, there came an edit of the above relative to the new website launch this year, and second, and most important, the re-launch was due to a serious lack of focus on the silkscreen artwork. Since BiyoArt was my first website, it had led to a bad case of feature creep and hence a very convoluted thing of a heap of stuff. The volume of original prints on the site should have been much greater than is currently offered. Once that had been achieved, the real focus was suppose to have gone to the marketing, advertising and sale of those prints.

There have also only been a couple of Art Shows that have accepted my form of Digital Artwork this past year. The first was in Bonita Springs, Florida and the second in Wickford, Rhode Island. Both highly rated shows (ranked number 30 and 17 respectively for fine arts), with only the Wickford show a repeat for this year. Applications are still being sent far and wide.

Also, for the month of February twenty pieces of artwork of various sizes are on display at the Nashua, NH Starbucks. Apparently an e-mail message had been sent to the local newspapers informing them that their readers might be interested in the Starbucks program for monthly artist exhibits. A sign goes up tomorrow for a 'Meet the Artist' on Fridays from 11am to 1pm for the month of February…need to work the face time with the artwork.

These are much more better steps in the right direction for people to get familiar with this form of artwork and have the need to own such…So, upward and onward to the next phase…

It's been real
We'll have to do it again real soon.
Talk at ya.



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