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January 2011 website upgrade from frame based; review of 2010 to follow implementation.

I knew I forgot to do something back in January 2011; a business update for 2010. Here it's February 2012 and I'm just going to hit the highlights from well over a year or two ago.

As was reported in the 2010 business update, we dropped an additional 3 shows this season. As such, total sales were down 25.7% from 2009, which in turn cut our road costs by 39% while increasing associated profit by 30.6%. One major increase in expense was the out of pocket cash expense of hotel fees year-over-year due to the area hotels getting more expensive. The major highlight was our overall business expense decreasing by 17.1%.

Another bright spot from this year's shows was winning another award for Graphics at the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. This award was one up from last year's second place for the rowing artwork Swinging Eight. First place award went to the golf artwork Sand Fly along with a $350 check. This award augments our website title of Award Winning Graphic Sports Art Prints.

Also, as indicated in the 2010 update, was the addition of Google AdSense to the website to try to achieve some click out revenue. AdSense payments to our account for 2010 totaled $227. This helped offset our Google AdWord advertising expense of $1000.

Maintaining website security was uneventful with our quarterly scans from CompuGuard. The only major issue arose when we had to re-certify our PCI DSS compliance as delineated in the SAQ-D. The 2010 business update reviewed the issues with our merchant service re-arranging and in some cases modifying the PCI Security Standards Council version of the SAQ-D. Well, on the 2010 re-certification our merchant service reverted back to the Security Council 1.2 version of the SAQ-D without notification. So, we had to review the entire submission, again, several times, to re-validate certification of the SAQ-D with our ISP service LunarPages past year submission.

We have been talking for years regarding converting our frame based site to something more suitable for search engine optimization. In the last quarter of 2010 a template page was established utilizing an authorized CSS flyout navigation scheme. A re-launch will be conducted in early 2011 and be reported in the 2012 business update.

It's been real
We'll have to do it again real soon.
Talk at ya.

- yO

14 - February - 2012


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