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BiyoArt Website Chronology
- details that may only interest the artist and index spiders -


2002 - 2003

June 2002 - January 2003 : previous BiyoArt website layout redesigned and downloaded to internet.

February : still reformatting site content : added Artwork Folder.
Art Folder request(s): Skiing : Sunski & Zipski in process blue color.
Art Folder request(s): Shadow : Hummer printed in 12 x 18 format.
Licensing of Imagery within the artwork is now available.

March : Exhibit shows in Illinois and Vermont added.
Art Folder request(s): Skiing : Alpski in purple color ("White Out").
Shadow Art : Printed both sizes of "Fast Food" and 13x18 "Sanctuary".

April : Exhibit show in Rhode Island and Illinois added.
Sports Art : Printed 13x18 "#?%*! was Taken".
Shipping Charges: reduced to $10 and $20 for small and large prints.

May : Sports Art: Printed 26x36 "In the Company of Others"

Art Folder : Printed 26x36 "Play Space" from Abstract:Magical:Bsurf

June - September: Art Show Season

December : Added Public Opinion to the drop down menu.
Review 2003 show schedule and established target shows for 2004.
Expenses for Chicago shows at 4:1 ratio verses sales.
Need to position website for on-line sales in 2004.


January - April 2004 : update BiyoArt website for on-line sales. Review and establish search engine optimization (SEO) criteria. Move site to secure server and integrate an e-commerce shopping cart. Submit applications and slides of artwork for 2004 art festivals. Reformat site content from frames to templates for SEO.

February : new ISP service Lunar Pages out in LA CA.

April - May : reformat of site found to be enormous and complex task so the frame links and content pages were modified in attempt for SEO prior to modification for credit cards and templates. Established #1 page and spot rank for most of the Sports Artwork in Google keyword search (ie. biking artwork) for May. . . Will keep current frame format and integrate shopping cart buy buttons into site for credit cards. . . still pain in the butt SSI stuff. Art Folder request(s): Swimming : Butfly in color shown ("Butterfly").

May - September : show season has begun with a completely new venue of festivals in four different states.

October - December : search out new shows from road notes and review past, present and future paths.


January - February 2005 : figure out the new tax schedules and filings for the new show states. Cost of acquiring professional slides in a timely manner became prohibitive. Purchased used 35mm lens and new strobe equipment to produce artwork slides. Turn around is now one week. Slides of artwork also now include the frame; look much better. Submit applications and slides of artwork for 2005 art festivals. First blind internet sale to the west coast. Surprise...

March : found out about Google's free on-line shopping search engine Froogle. Figured out the Excel file to FTP to their site and soon after established top page rank with all submissions.

April : Adjusted framed content pages for search engine optimization (SEO) criteria. Original framed content pages would actually load the home page upon a searched click. This prevented partial content pages from being loaded outside their fully framed index page. Now, a Google search and click of a single frame content page will load its content into its index page for viewing. So, a search and click brings up actual searched content; what a concept.

May - September : show season has begun with another completely new venue of festivals in four different states. Collecting requested sports related ideas and images for future artwork. Currently working on a freestyle swimmer for m/f triathlon artwork.

August : After several shows of requests, a hockey picture was added to the Artwork Folder under Sports. Artwork design process has also been modified. Changes will be reflective in all future designs. Printing to possibly begin in mid-September.

November : Completed a freestyle swimmer design, which then led to the finalization of a Triathlon design in both male and female genre. Only the proof of concept plots are completed. Began work on both a soccer and lacrosse requests from the festivals. Still need to add the new designs onto the site in a more formal, unprinted format.


January - February 2006 : tax and show schedule season. A little easier this year without any new states to figure out. Dropped a couple shows due to overall cost, but, also added a few new ones to the application process.

March - April : researched and purchased equipment to print reproductions of all of the hand pulled prints within the website. Will also be able to print all of the Artwork Folder as well, prior to printing them by hand. Pricing, quantity and listing to follow.

May : art print reproductions are now available for all of the BiyoArt designs. All reproductions are unframed, 13x18, single mat, signed, serialized, spray mounted on Fome-Cor and shipped via USPS for $ 37. All hand pulled print colors have been closely reproduced, but fluorescent colors have been matched as best as possible utilizing CMYK color configurations. Final color selection for the Artwork Folder designs may vary, so inquire if interested. Framed versions are also available for $70 and shipped FedEx.

June - August : show season sales and orders of graphic reproductions far out paced any expectations back in May. Actually would finish a design on Tuesday and sell it on Saturday, as well as take orders for a different color. Many requests for designs not yet completed or even started. . . the list is very long.

August : given the success and holiday requests of the festival season the focus was to establish a specific type of bolt-on shopping cart for the website. Upon lengthy review it was determined that the MerchantOrderForm or MOF cart would satisfy our requirements. A few of the BiyoArt website pages were setup as template pages to initiate the design process. Finally, had to increase the price to ship the unframed reproductions via USPS from $5 to $7 to compensate for the protective shipping boxes.

September : focus will be upon redesigning the site for e-commerce. The graphic reproductions will be a priority, followed by the silkscreen artwork and then the other support particulars. In between, requested designs will also be completed for the holiday season. Links will be added to the site as soon as the pages are populated and functional.

October : it took until almost mid month to get the secure shopping cart functionality operational. It will take at least until the end of the month to follow through with the product line pages. But we're almost there...

Our site has finally incorporated a secure shopping cart with updated silkscreen pages and new graphic reproduction product lines...and about time.

December : added new designs to the reproductions section. Designs added consist of baseball, basketball, crew, golfing, Maltese cross, rowing, soccer female/child and volleyball. Currently working on m/f volleyball, golfing sand shot, lacrosse female and auto racing artwork.



January : shipped the first sale of the year. Updated the show schedule to add a few more shows in between the ones that have been working out. Deleted a couple shows that would have never worked out. We attended a new local show last year that really worked out as far as cost and sales. We will miss a couple of good shows this year due to the fact that they overlap in July. It has to do when the second full weekend occurs in July...oh well. We also reduced our loss this past year in the business because of our three fold increase in sales on the road.

February : keyword research for our Google AdWord campaign has yielded incorrect keywords in all of our website pages and will require a complete update. Google Froogle changed its item attribute requirements and a submission update must be completed to remain listed. Apparently it will also help our Google search listings.

March - April : SEO research prompted an entire directory structure change along with file and image renaming. The directory, file and image structure now delineates what everything is before having to open the file or webpage. Incorporated the Google sitemap for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. Listed with the three major shopping networks of Shopzilla, Shopping and Yahoo. De-listed with the shopping network of Shopzilla due to unacceptable product image size and quality. De-listed with the auto-submission site of Blast Engine after doing research on relative site linkage. Updating all files with proper DOCTYPE and format, but since CSS file formats are not utilized deprecated format element errors still exist. Awaiting an entire re-indexing of site by Google prior to turning on AdWord campaign due to page rank issues of target page enhancing the cost per click of the ad position.

May : Adwords on hold until digestion of Google launching its new Universal Search page. Finally generated an order from the shopping network for a framed art print. Also, canceling our point of sale status in the state of Ohio, too expensive to get there to generate a return on sales.

June - October : Art festivals and on-line sales have gone well.

October : Updated various color schemes of Graphic Reproductions for Baseball, Hockey and Lacrosse art prints per customer requests. Added new art of female lacrosse, volleyball and a flag design of India. Customers confused on the color selections of the drop down menu of the reproductions, so had to add the color variations of the art on the page. Launched Google AdWord campaign for the sports art reproductions.

November : Art reproductions are also now available on-line in the 20x27 format. New Art Reproductions have been put on-line; these include an Indian Flag in the Mixed Bag section (it will also be available in the 20x27 silkscreen format), a Windsurfer, Volleyball spiker and Martial Arts side kick in the Sports Art section. The color variations available for the art reproductions also needed to have actual artwork shown on the page. So various art images were added, like Hockey, Lacrosse and Soccer, to reflect the colors available.

December : An increase in shipping charges ($5.00) has been implemented in all sizes due to a few instances of broken glass. All shipped framed artwork will now be packed in two inch thick stiff foam board. An increase in shipping ($1.00) for the unframed 13x18 reproductions is due to actual costs. Our credit card system now allows us accept the Discover Card as well.


January - February 2008 : came to the conclusion that the design of a new site utilizing CSS, templates and library functions will be required. Frame based sites still do not function well with search engines and that is unacceptable for sales based on search. So learning curve under way with Dreamweaver CS3 Missing Manual and CSS Missing Manual. Mean while, new designs of a baseball batter and a basketball in the net have been added to the site under Graphic Sports Art. Further design mods will be required to allow for customer requested color variations of art prints and removing the re-size function that makes people nuts.

March - April : got about one third the way through the new Dreamweaver CS3 manual and basically ran out of time with the effort. Have to think more about the site layout and what works and sells. May visit templates first and combine content prior to a redesign.

May - October : show season was mostly busy with back filling from one show to the next. Had to modify the Refund Policy to reflect current merchant status.

November - December : designs for the holidays and requests from the shows. Added to the site a pair of runners, a football, eight person crew and a snowboarder. Still need to finish a figure skater and a skateboarder. Also added various colors of designs and a Custom Color Request at Special Instructions for a color input from the customer. The design list has also gotten very long from the past two years of shows.


January - February : updated the Select Color for the Graphic Art Prints from Custom Color at Special Instructions to Request Color at Special Instructions. Customer had gone to the Special Instructions and couldn't find a custom color chart from which to select.

Website now has a Dedicated IP and its own SSL Certificate instead of utilizing the secure server shared certificate. A TrustLogo from Comodo, which Authenticates the website and its security with a Point to View verification, will be applied where ever security may be at issue with the customer.

The terminology for Graphic Art Reproductions has been modified to remove the term reproduction. The new line of artwork is now referred to as Graphic Art Prints.

After reviewing several screens and having to lean forward and / or squint at the screen it was determined to enlarge the font from 2 to 3 and reformat the pages where required. The main index footer was updated to include the Shipping Rates and Sports Index Site Content links along with removing the site e-mail link, which is located on the About Us page. The About Us page was also reformatted.

A new Swing Batta Batta color of red was added to the Baseball Art Prints to reflect the latest Series Champion colors.

Reformatted legacy silkscreen pages and associated artist insights.

Bit the artistic, idealistic, egotistical bullet and started promoting and changing the website to incorporate Sports Graphic Art Prints Plus. A lot of the worldly art links are associated with silkscreen prints so page descriptions at the index level include graphic art and silkscreen nomenclature. As well as the term Limited Edition.

Reformatted graphic art pages and added Google AdSense to those pages targeted by our Google AdWord sports advertising campaign. AdSense space encompasses the wide skyscraper format of 160 wide by 600 high to the right of the graphic art print layout. The box is also laid out with an autostretch format to move it over to the side when the browser window is expanded.

Complete directory restructure to branch silkscreen and graphic art file types. Implemented a Site Content Images index page and linked it to the bottomFrame, instead of the Sports Index Site Content, to get all of the graphic image files one click away from the main index frame.

The drop down menu on the index topFrame was streamlined. Shipping, Privacy and Refund links were removed, for they were already on the reformatted About Us page, as well as being on the same page as the bottomFrame link of Shipping Rates. Commissioned Art and Licensed Art were removed, as well as the Order Form links since not one had been utilized in the past 5 years. The onLoad links had been modified for the Sports Art Index mainframe load from the drop down menu, which is also the reason a duplicate link was not required on the bottomFrame.

Modified index page load frames to eliminate legacy sequential loading of the frames. Modified the legacy leftFrame and mainFrame index onLoad code so the actual first frame page loaded is content, with images and links, and onLoad the lesser of the two frames.

All index frame sets noFrame sections to be updated with an actual page of content with modified links to images and content, starting with the website index frame set to include the sports index content page.

March : added new Tennis Art Print, entitled Love Playing, to the graphic art sports selection.

Adding new links to the index page announcing the new artwork selections with links and date of release update. Also current artwork under development.

Modified color of pages and matched AdSense ads. Also, modified placement of ads, several times, on Sports Graphic pages.

Modified config.xml file to reflect directory changes from January to properly update the website sitemap. This update fixes the link and 404 page errors delineated in the Google Webmaster account.

Updating website page content to latest color configuration.

Added Custom Google Search to the topFrame (header) of the website for web search in the color configuration of BiyoArt and will continue the update to add search to all of the AdWord targeted Sports pages.

Added new Football Art Print, entitled Going Long, to the graphic art sports section.
Added the terminology of FREE to the request of a different color to view in the art print selection of Add to Cart.

April : added new Female Runner Art Print, entitled Life's Shadow, to the graphic art sports selection.

Added new Female Figure Skater Art Print, entitled Attitude, to the graphic art sports selection.

Added new Skateboarding Art Print, entitled Grinding, to the graphic art sports selection.

Added new Baseball Catcher Art Print, entitled Behind the Plate, to the graphic art sports selection.

May : added the 2009 Art Festival schedule.
Updated site security linkage and site access coding to comply with PCI Compliance.

June - October : art festival schedule.

October :added click-to-view ComplyGuard site certificate and definition to the Privacy and Security page upon completion of SAQ D and PCI DSS compliance scan validation for the site.

November : Added direct page links from the drop down menu for Contact Us, Security and Shipping Rates. Clarified the Shipping Rates basic rate information.

- yO

6 - Nov - 2009


January : website server mirrored / migrated to new server platform and operating system.

January - February : the additional color print selections were becoming too numerous and convoluted on the web pages, so colored boxes, basic nomenclature and larger representative artwork were added for the various color selections with links to the larger Artwork Review pages. This also sets up for possible onmouseover of the color boxes to the larger representative artwork at a future time...

Also implemented an ad campaign on the BiyoArt site. An Advertising Corporate Policy was developed with linkage added to the header drop down menu. Ads by BiyoArt space was added opposite Google AdSense ads on the promoted AdWord landing pages and associated Artwork Review pages. The site footer was also modified to incorporate a single, premium ad spot. Update: this concept was abandoned when too many details of ad placement hierarchy and rotation came to light. May revisit concept if a program is found that sets up an established format and ad rotation call function on site.

October - November: built a new template webpage with authorized CSS flyout navigation to use with the re-launch next year.

- yO

26 - Jan - 10


January - February: launch new and improved non-frame based website...coming to a server cache near you.


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